M.Sumair Kaleem

Computer Software Engineer - Freelancer - Digital Content Producer - SEO Manager - Blogger - Affiliate Marketer - SEO Marketing Engineer

I am a computer software engineer from West South Asia having 3 years of diploma from Aptech computer education and a bachelor's in computer sciences from Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Otherwise, I have completed my other computer’s hardware and networks diploma, A+ Dos Windows Service Technician, some Adobe & Macro media graphics certifications, and completed Advanced SEO and SEO Manager as well. Having 10 years of experience in accounts, sales, and administration. I have completed Google SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Rank And Rent Business.

A computer software engineer and a B.S.C.S. creates and develops blog/s to rank on Google as an SEO manager in the industry of Internet Marketing.

A disabled manager and a bachelor's in Computer Sciences. I am a software engineer as well with an international diploma and completed many local certifications in computer software CMS, graphics, and search engine optimization (SEO). I am a freelancer in computer software engineering and the internet industry. Likewise, I am an internet marketer and a blogger who's in online Affiliate Marketing and ranking websites on Google. Furthermore, I am a digital system analyst.

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